Friday, November 16, 2007


Crazy thought right? Well, last night I tottled off to Alannah's kindy's AGM, like the good parent I am, positive that I was just going to pay the fees, pick her sessions and possibly put my hand up to help with some fundraising. Hmmm.....yes, well, that was the plan. LOL. But at the end of the meeting when nearly all committee places had been filled, there were still the three main ones that no-one really wanted to volunteer for - President, Treasurer and Secretary. As all (or most) kindys are run by the committee, no commitee equals no kindy, so it was very important that these positions were filled. My brave, lovely sister DQ put her hand up for Treasurer, and so I thought, why not add to my crazy busy life with something else, so there you have it.....I am now the new President at my daughter's kindy for 2008. It's going to be a huge learning curve, but after a night's sleep, I don't think it's going to be too bad. And Jude will be going there for the following two years after Alannah, so I think it's going to be a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the development of the kindy, to make it a fabulous learning environment for both Jude and Ash.

Sooo....definitely an interesting turnaround...LOL :-P

Anyone else done this before? Please tell me it's not too crazy?

I know, I'm dreaming, aren't I? he he


  1. LOL, Kell! Good for you! I haven't done anything that crazy (yet), but we have the same thing coming up for playgroup... I hope you haven't put the idea in my head... I was planning on just being a lowly committee member.

  2. Good luck, Kel... There will be up & down, for sure... In 2-3 months time, you know who is serious & who isn't about being a committee. Then in August/Sept some people will start running out of steam. But you'll make some great friends & gain heaps of experience. So enjoy!

    Just pop me an email, if you have any question.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh - can totally relate to this Kelly.........been there and done that - and still doing it.........LOL.

    Good luck.

    Luv Sandie

  4. We can be crazy together Kelly. I'm President of Bena Angliss on Forest Road. Shame we don't live in the same Council, we could have gone to the meetings together.

    You'll have fun


  5. Wow you go girl! Nothing like taking on a challenge when all you intended to do was sign up for some volunteering. Well gotta be thrown in the deep end once or twice in your life!

    Well done

  6. YES you are crazy!!! LOL.... Good Luck - I'm sure you will be fine and an EXCELLENT president!!!

    Take Care


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