Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Persistent Thought

I have constantly had this thought in my head, since launching Kiti Q in Feb 06, about how much I would LOVE to open up my own bricks & mortar retail store. And now this shop in Upwey is becoming available in January, and it would be perfect for it. Just perfect. Shop at the front, big room at the back for classes, centrally located on the main street, big window, etc. And I have so many ideas that would be arty and funky and fun.....and then the practical, real life stuff enters my head - money, set-up costs, insurance, time and of course, my family. I guess, for now, I will just have to keep dreaming...

Oh, and here are a couple more of my mini layouts for the calendar project.

Take care,
Kelly xx

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  1. Hi Kelly, I think these calendar layouts of yours are absolutely fantastic. I will be putting this idea to good use myself LOL.

    I think you should follow your dreams - your family is there to help you live your dream and be part of it with you. You could always find a "partner".

    Good luck with whatever you do, I am sure with your talent it will all be fantastic.

    LIZ :-)


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