Saturday, November 4, 2006

Some Surprising Mail

Something exciting happened yesterday which I forgot to mention - I received 3 contracts in the mail from For Keeps Scrapbooking Magazine for 3 of my pages. I knew about one (Big Mud Puddles) but the other two were pages from my Awards for Excellence entry entitled "This Love" which is actually a page I did on acetate, and "Olga Berg Bag" which is all about my fav handbag - he he. Anyway, they will all be appearing in Issue #50 which is out in January. Yay - can't wait. It should be a super issue with a couple of other friends - Teresa & Charmane - having pages published too.

Might have another page to share later today. Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!


  1. Congrats Kelly -that's awesome! Love your lo's, can't wait to see these ones in print.

  2. Yay Kelly! Looking forward to seeing your pages - wow 3 in one mag!!! You are obviously STOKED!!!!Hey where do your parents live in SA? My parents live in Mt Gambier but we are orignially from Barossa Valley! Anyway, Happy Scrapping! Thanks for the B&B DT tip :)


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