Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembering the Datsun

My very first car, bought for $750, reliable for the majority of time. So many memories - the cow print seat covers, the numerous break-ins (not a really secure type of car), the quick trips down the mountain for a McDonalds fix with friends, the final break-down on a major highway in Melbourne, while I had interstate guests in the car and in peak hour traffic - and all I could do was laugh :-) I was sad to see it go, but I will always have fond memories of my first little car. My latest layout is a little dedication to the car fondly referred to as 'the mighty Datsun'. For those of you who remember my little car, I hope this little post makes you smile..


  1. LOVE IT Kelly - LOL - reminds me of my first car - Toyota Corolla, it was green, my second was another Toyota Corolla but white.... can't remember what year it was, think the same age as I was ha,ha! Loved them though.... have to do this one day, if I can find photos :) Your ATC cards are awesome - I have finally uploaded mine! And finished them all :) I hope you and your sister (and anyone else that wants to!) can come to my ScrapDay!!! I need some support, would love to keep it going! Take Care - Happy Scrapping Love Charmane

  2. Ah the old datto. LOL. I can remember the teenage Kelly - dressed in dad's old flares and op-shop jackets, frequent changes of hair colour, always funky shoes... and the Mighty Datsun, complete with Hoodoo Gurus cassette tapes in the glovebox.

  3. Love the car layout Kelly. Got a sneak peek of the atc's too. Looking great can't wait to see them IRL.


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