Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Affair to Remember..

This is the title of the challenge I just completed for the Zig Zag 'Movie Mayhem' cybercrop this weekend. So far I've only completed one of the challenges cos we have been so super busy this weekend, but I've started working on another challenge but we'll see if I get it finished.

Anyway, the new page is another one of Roh & me on our wedding day, but this is an 8"x8" page for our wedding album. I haven't played with this size LO for a long time, so it was fun to do something a little smaller than usual.

So, what have we been doing? Friday night we had our lovely friends Rob & Jane over for pizza and a movie. Always a wonderful night when we spend time with them :-)

Then yesterday we were running around for house things/garden things, then had a bbq with friends for lunch, then Roh worked on finishing our retaining wall out the front, and then we went off to Pam & Den's (my in-laws) for dinner. So that was another day gone - so quickly too!

Today we are having a lazy morning, which is so nice. I'm hoping to scrap a little more, and then we are off to another bbq tonight at Nath & Reeze's. Might get a chance to share another page later.

Oh, and my sister Hayley and Caden are doing well. Will share a photo soon. We are actually heading over to SA in a few weeks - can't wait!

Take care,

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  1. Love the page it looks great. Ihope you enjoy what is left of your busy weekend.


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