Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Making of Soundwave

My darling hubby Roh spent hours making this costume up for the 70's/80's party we went to last night, so I thought I'd dedicate one post to the making of it...

So far, so good..

All finished, final touches added, looking pretty spiffy..

Boxy, but spiffy...he he...

But I suppose the question is....could he dance?

Oh yeah...he could dance :-P

Back later with a few shots of the other costumes.


  1. Haha, love it! Yay for seeing the finished product :)

  2. Yeah he could dance...he was the best on the floor!!!
    That costume was by far the most awesome one I've ever seen. It was fantastic. He's definitely going to have to bring it out of the cupboard again.
    That is a clever husband you've got....but you already knew that.

  3. Awesome costume!! hey where was your prize for best costume ;-) ?? Lot of time and effort went it to it, great job Roh! Awesome!! Kel, you looked pretty awesome yourself!! can we see some pics of your great look too???

  4. That's a brilliant effort. Looks fantastic. Well done to your hubby.

  5. Wow. Amazing job! Looks like he enjoyed making that masterpiece too!

  6. LOL!!! this is sooo cool! would have loved to see him dancing in this!

  7. WOW that costume is awesome! Good job Roh!
    Im sure he was the envy of all males at the party LOL

  8. Yes he did dance so well in that "hot box"! I think I never laughed so hard when I saw him arrive at the party. It was a fantastic effort. Loved your jeans!!!


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