Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Boy Tie

As promised, I'm back with photos and a link to a fab tie tutorial :-)

You'll find the instructions and the pattern (free download) over here at Purl Bee.

Here are a few of my progress shots...

Hand-sewing the lining in...

Joining the pieces..

Pinning and hand-sewing the tie together...which is the last stage.

As it was my first attempt, I just picked out a fabric from my stash to give it a go. As funky as the polkadots look, I now think I'll search for something fun and individual for my boys. One tip is that the pattern needs to appear to be random and not symmetrical, as the ties are cut out on a bias, and it just won't work...just my opinion anyhow :-P

And here's my adorable, spunky little model (I'm allowed to say that, aren't I? I am completely biased of course!)

And I just noticed Purl Bee also have a template for a man's tie...look out Roh! he he

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  1. Your boy is so cute I have a hard time focusing on the tie :)
    I love the idea of making ties. Seems like something even I could do.


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