Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Centro 'Smile' Photo Comp - A finalist - yay!

While I was away, I was notified that this photo of Jude was listed as one of the 100 finalists for the annual Centro 'Smile' Photography competition...I was shocked, happily shocked, that one of my images made it in (I'm no photographer :-P).

And not only did I receive a finalist spot, so did my awesomely talented sister Danielle Q from Curiouser.

Voting is open now, so why not pop over and cast your vote for the photo that makes you smile. (this is where I should be saying 'vote for me! vote for me! but I wont..he he...truly there are some beautiful photos, definitely worth a look). Not only do the winning photographers win cash prizes but so can one lucky voter - $2000 cash! So it might just be worth the few minutes it takes to vote, hey?

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