Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

At the moment my creative energies are flitting between the sewing machine and my hook.
I am over halfway through a crochet baby blanket (8 1/2 squares finished, 6 1/2 to go!) which is coming along nicely, and which I generally work on at night in front of a dvd. I have quite a few friends having babies this year, so fingers crossed one of them has a girl :-P.

Among some other sewing projects I've got on the go (a dress for Lana, zinnia floor cushion for the lounge, and quite a few bags) I'm making this bag for a friend. Just mentally preparing myself for the new challenge...I'm loving my friend's fabric choice though, which is definitely motivating. I think this is just my process...procrastinate for a bit, then get stuck into it and then act completely surprised with how quickly it comes together when I put my head down...would've thought I'd have learnt to just skip the procrastinating part by now, hey?

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  1. Oooh - can't wait to see the travel bag!!! Granny squares look lovely :)

  2. Hey Kelly,
    I've seen some of the Amy Butler stuff at one of my local sewing and wool shops. It's been years since I have used the machine and haven't ventured there yet.
    Have you made the bag yet? It's a hot pattern.
    cheers p

  3. No - procrastination is an essential part of the process, isn't it? If not, I'm doing something wrong!

    I'll be interested to see how you get on with the Amy Butler pattern - I've read very mixed reports about her patterns and I've held off getting any (more procrastinating - I'm very good at it!).

  4. i agree ... your friend's choice in fabric is wonderful.
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