Monday, August 2, 2010

Cupcake Creations

Just a short and sweet post about a couple of the cupcake party's smaller details, but to start with something fun, and a little out there, here was Alannah's cupcake creation...

Hmm...I think it took her four sittings over two days to finish eating this..he he :-P

And here's a close up of the apron I made design

And lastly, the left-over undecorated cupcakes got dunked in a chocolate cream icing, and topped with a flower (store bought but so cute!).

I picked up an awesome baking tin which allows you to cook the cupcakes in two halves, which you then paste together with a sticky icing mix, but it gives you the spirally top which is just too cute.

Will be back very soon with a sewing post.


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