Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, everything seemed to be going smoothly with our Saturday plans. The skip bin was being filled, food shopping was completed and the fire was going, burning off leftover bits of timber from our building work....until Roh needed to move his car, and his keys were nowhere to be found...the next hour or so consisted of frantic searching but to no avail.

Well, he found them Sunday morning, among the ashes of the fire...not looking too good or very useful, but at least he found them!

So other than the key distraction, the day went along fine. The kids had fun toasting marshmallows on the fire, although Jude declared he didn't like them getting my mind, that's the best bit...but each to his

We enjoyed yummy baked potatoes for dinner layered with all the good stuff - bolognaise sauce, coleslaw, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, butter and sour cream - awesome & so tasty! I just love the wintery goodness of a fire cook-up.

Will be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe that's becoming a fast favourite in our house.

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