Monday, April 26, 2010


My apologies for the standard title...he he

Here are 3 progressive shots of our stairs, which are pretty much finished now...

Will be getting back into the house reno work in the next week or so, to get a few more things finished off.

Have had a hectic week, with my parents & nan staying with us - being absolutely awesome doing the housework and ferrying the oldest two to kinder & school for me - and it couldn't have worked out better in the 'help' area because I came down with Mastitis and a head cold/flu thing, and mixing that with an unsettled & windy baby in the early hours of the morning made for a half awake/unwell me but with their help, things still ran smoothly - so a BIG Thank You to you you lots xx

So hopefully, my blogging will be back on track this week. Have a couple of creative projects on the go, as well as some decorating to complete and share.

Till then, take care xx


  1. hey Kell, i hope you'll be better soon and Levi lets you sleep a little more! hugs, sylvia

  2. Oh no babe :( sending lots of get well hugs! C xoxox


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