Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Creative Space..

One crochet ankle boot down, one to go :-P. Pattern bought from here.

Deadline the end of next week our new little boy should be in the world enjoying lots of family cuddles.

Must add a big THANK YOU! to those of you who posted (and told me) hints to sewing with stretch fabric - I'm almost finished Jude's pj top and it appears to be looking better. Out of your hints I've : changed the needle; used an overlock stitch for edging; used a specialised stretch fabric stitch for joining; and I've slowed down. So again, thank you friends.

If you're up for some inspiring blog browsing, check out the list of crafters blogs and their creative spaces over here..


  1. So cute! Best wishes for the new arrival!

  2. love the colour! And the red buttons will look great. All the best for Levi's arrival x

  3. best wishes for the soon to be here little one. have a wonderful break.
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