Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Little School Girl

Alannah had her first day of school yesterday, and she looked so cute, but so tall compared to most of the other preppies. It was a very exciting day for her and she loves it so far.

Jude decided he needed a packed lunch, school bag and hat too....funny boy!


  1. Awwwwww she's all Growed up! LOL and sooo cute..

  2. She looks so grown up kelly, especially with the plaits. The funny thing is the Preps look so grown up when you see them on their own but then you see them next to a Grade 3 child and they are still just babies.

    Jemima had to be part of Max starting school too but she's really hanging out to start Pre-Kinder tomorrow. She thinks she's pretty clever.

    Hope Lana has a great time at school.

  3. What a wonderful time it is when they first start school. She looks so pretty in a school uniform and her plaits.


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