Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little bit of 80's Inspiration

I'm playing along with a competition over at Scrap Boutique called 'Passion 4 Fashion' where a decade is picked, and you use that as your inspiration.

Week 1 was the 1980's, and the extra trick with this one was that it had to have lyrics from a 1980's song too. My lyric was taken from a Transvision Vamp song - very cool.

ETA - Image "Love The Way You Groove" removed for publication.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, as I had all these individual ideas but wasn't sure how well they would mesh together, but it worked, I think :-P

Onto some other news :

Fires : We have had our fair share of fire scares over the last 48 hours in Upwey. A fire that has now burnt over 350 hectares of land is under control, just south of where we live. Last night we evacuated to my in-laws place, and came home this morning to a smoky atmosphere, and near empty (of people) suburb. Quite eerie really. Now it's fingers crossed that they put it out before Friday, as it's going to be a warm day with strong winds, which would not be good news for the CFA, and possibly our suburbs. But we are all safe now.

House : The 2nd floor of framing is up, and this weekend a large part of the existing house is being dismantled. Scary stuff! I've still got a whole heap of packing to do, as we'll be doing the minimal thing for a few weeks. Will share photos of the current stage of the house building soon.

Kids : Are good. Lana is settling into school well. We've been enjoying our walks to and from, although Jude seems to complain of 'sore legs' earlier and earlier with each walk :-P lol...yet he can manage to play on the playground for over an hour without any soreness at all..he's a funny kid. Jude has a bit of a cold but hopefully we can have a quiet-ish day tomorrow and he can get some rest.

So that abouts sums me up at the moment :-)

Take care and stay safe.
K xx

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