Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Made It Myself :-P

I did it - I finally got around to putting together this dress for Alannah. I have had it cut out for ages, but then lost my power cord to my sewing machine, so had to order a new one, and then I wasn't in the mood to sew and I'm sure lots of other reasons/ anyhow, it's very first dress!

Lana loves it, which is the main thing, and I'm not traumatised from the making of it (sewing can get me stressed..he he) which is also a good thing. Not sure what's next - a softie or skirt for Lana..?? Hmm, don't know.


  1. Oh this is sooo cute Kelly! Well done!

  2. Well done chickadee! Great job! C x

  3. Hey Kelly, Hope your OK tonight. I can see the fires are very close to your house. Couldnt for the life of me find your mob number. Hope your all safe. xxxFElicity.


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