Thursday, June 28, 2007

Photo Share....especially for Dad :-)

My Dad reads my blog...and much prefers to see photos of his grandkids than my scrapbooking things, so this is especially for you, dad. Oh, and the scrap-related things are actually photos taken by my dad on his dives, and this is the mini album I've started for him.

So we've got a couple of shots of Jude - one where he is looking all serious and full of attitude in his shirt and tie, but with his cup of milk LOL, and the other in his new jumper that my mum knitted for him - very spunky! And then little Lana, who isn't so little anymore, with her new haircut - she had about 3 inches cut off and layers put in - it was long overdue!

Not much else to report in. New Rouge De Garance ranges - Cupidon and Urbaine - are now in store at Kiti Q, and Basic Grey's new range Infuse should arrive either Monday or Tuesday, so along with Love, Elsie, lots of new stock has been arriving. Not much happening on the scrapping front for me either....although I so want to scrap! Having all these fab products around is soooo tempting.

The new Transformers movie is out tomorrow, and my hubby is off to see it with a bunch of his mates. I hope it's good cos he's been talking about it for months now :-P

Ok, enough of my rant. Enjoy your evening :-)


  1. Hiya Kelly,love the pics of the kids,thanks for my order ,I love it :P
    Sarah Green

  2. Hiya Kelly, you and Rohan seriously have very cute kids. Jude looks so grown up dressed up in his little suit and how pretty is Alannah :-)


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