Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Kiti Q Promotion

Wow - it's been one whole year since we launched Kiti Q onto the world wide web - it's flown, and it's amazing how much I've learnt, and how much fun I've had.

So, I decided to do something to thank all my customers for their support and lovely emails. Just think, put an order through this month and then you can get 15% off of your next order - when all the new Urban Lily is available, and MME Magnolia range, and KI Memories Wild Thing range....and so much more. There are definitely some fun products coming in, and I'm sure lots of inspiring ideas will come from it. Personally, I can't wait for some of this new stock.

Not much else to report - just been working, working, working :-) Ooohh, it is Alannah's first day at 3 year old kindy tomorrow, so that's kind of exciting. I must remember to take at least a couple of photos, otherwise what kind of scrapper would I be? LOL

Ok, I really, really need a coffee. Bye!

**PS - This image is an image only - sorry the link doesn't work - see sidebar for Kiti Q - thanks!**


  1. Great work making it to 1 year Kelly and the KitQ team.
    Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store for this year.

  2. Happy Birthday Kiti Q :) Hip Hip Hooray for you.


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