Monday, May 23, 2011

For a Far-away Friend

Last week I posted this off to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Cass...

Just another reason why I love Pinterest - Cass had pinned something similar to this as something she thought was cute, which not only gave me the idea but the link to the basic tutorial at Design Sponge. A very cool site, yes indeedy!

So, just wondering, do you pin?



  1. Oh the glasses case is so cute! I started using Pinterest a few weeks ago and I am loving it!xx

  2. Thanks babe, it has found a lovely home protecting my sunnies! I love it, love you & you know I love to pin!!

  3. Gorgeous little gift! I'm totally addicted to pinterest :)

  4. I'm dying to have a go at pinterest but a bit scared to get started... Seems like a much better system than the current one - 'favourites' full of sites I want to revisit, saved html files on the computer and reams and reams of printouts hastily stuffed into a two ring folder!!!

  5. yep i do! awesome invention, isn't it?


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