Thursday, May 12, 2011

Creative Space : Pinks & Browns

Not together, mind you, but these two colours are in my creative thoughts today...

The pinks.....a crochet beanie for my niece Sienna, as requested a little while ago when she saw the wool. It's about half way there.

And the browns - in the last 24 hours I have had two lovely, generous friends gift me some stacks of fabrics, including cord, which is one of my favourite fabrics ever.

I'm in love with this top striped cord (maybe some toddler boys pants?) and the caramel paisley printed cord, which I think will make a very stylish jacket, so I'm itching to find a pattern to work with, for it.

So I am itching to craft sometime today...if only the housework would stop beckoning me, and the washing would stop multiplying :-P

Maybe I can squeeze in a little crochet before school pick up....hmmm.

Plenty of creative spaces over here, why not come play along?



  1. I love how the thumbnails on My Creative Space (Our Creative Spaces!?) change with the seasons. A month ago it was still all the florals and now it's warm, cosy colours and textures. Your photo just lept out at me. It's winter acoming! x

  2. Perfect time to curl up with some crochet on the couch, I'm about to start a hat for my little ones too. So many great patterns to choose from, picking one is the hardest thing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. X

  3. I love a bit of crochet!! It's good weather for it! Love the striped cord fabric.. very nice! I always wish the house work would just disappear... there is always something better to do :)

  4. Your crochet and fabrics look nice and cozy! I love being able to visit the other side of the world through blogging. It's summer time here already and we're using linens and light cottons. Congrats on being featured~so exciting. And I love your little boy's haircut but I know what you mean about the curls. My oldest had them and I dreaded that first haircut. It meant he was growing up! Now he has two of his own. Hope you have a wonderfully creative week and get that housework behind you! (As if we ever do)

  5. Oooh, that cord would be lovely as pants - Natti had a pink pair when she was 18 months old and I just loved to watch those pink stripey legs toddle around... I have them under my bed, couldn't bear to part with them ;)

  6. some nice fabrics you've got there! looking forward to see what you make with them.
    i just bought a chair cover at a yard sale because i love the fabric. i have no clue yet what to do with it but i'm in love with the colors and print design.

  7. Lovely beanie! I love the way the two yarns meld together.
    Oooh! Cord! I have only recently sewn with it - but I must admit I am a bit of a fan too! :) Lucky you being gifted with such goodness!

  8. Gorgeous colours! I know how you feel. My washing machine is beeping at me to put washing out! Better go do it.


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