Friday, July 16, 2010

Before & After - Kitchen Reno

So most of you who have been following my blog for the past couple of years, will know that we have been undertaking some major renovating, including an extension and rebuild on the existing cottage. We are still working away finishing off lots of little bits, and I hope to have more 'before & after' shots to share in the near future!

But the kitchen is pretty much finished now, so here is the before shot...

And the after shots....this first one is taken from the same spot as the 'before' photo..

My new friend, the dishwasher, is now installed, and really the only things left to do are properly install the kickboards and one more coat of paint on the bi-fold window frames.

And I picked up this funky tea towel from Yardage Design on etsy for the photos, and because who doesn't just love a new design-y tea towel every now and it!

Yay! a finished room!

Thanks to DQ for taking some photos for me :-) (the last one is mine though :-P).

Oh, and a few kitchen is not always this tidy..he he....and it was styled up by me and Dan for these photos. I will make an effort to keep it this neat and lovely looking, but knowing my family, the benches wont remain this clutter-free for very long :-P


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  1. Love the red!!!! Wow I would love to come over and get inspired!!!
    I suppose its hard to keep it looking like a page out of a Vogue Living magazine with a baby and two youngins.


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