Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking Forrward to...

Receiving this - The Making Memories Slice in PINK! How cute ;-) My dear friend Cass, over at The Crafty Cat Classroom is selling them (I think they are arriving today from the states) and I just couldn't resist. I think she may even have a couple left, if you want one too :-) Going to have some fun, fun with this little gadget! Seeing Lisa Mitchell perform - take 2 for me and Dan. She was scheduled to play at Ruby's last week, but due to a huge power-out, the show was cancelled. Her new show at Ruby's is on Wednesday night - yay! Am really glad it is school holidays - I may even get a little sleep in. Should be a great gig though. Lisa's new album is fab :-)

Will venture back to my blog a little sooner than my last break (how slack was I?? lol) with photos of the house which is coming along nicely, and also some scrapbook layouts....yes, you read right - 4 to be exact and all completed yesterday - I think that's a record for me :-P
Have a great Friday!

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  1. ooo the slice looks wonderful. We were at the movies at belgrave on saturday when there was a massive blackout and the movie was continue via the wonderful cinema generator thank goodness!!! When we came out it was pitch black, really scary!


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