Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's starting to look like a house :-P

Architraves and doors went up over the last two days, so it's really starting to feel more like a house, and less a construction site....although there is still dust EVERYWHERE!! It's the price you pay for living through this.

Anyhow, here is a close up view of the kitchen area (overhead cupboards still to go up on left wall). Doors won't be put on until the painting is done.

Another kitchen shot, but this one taken from further away in the living area. The new little wall has now been built. We needed to have this here for support. I quite like it though.

And the kitchen again, but viewed from our front door.

Our living room window looking all spiffy with the architraves on. Can't wait til the cornice goes up over the weekend - it will feel so much more finished.
The stairs are finally in. We had a small dilemma, where the original stairs we got were wrong - too short so definitely a problem. The guys at the stair place were great, as it was their mistake, but they fixed it and delivered the correct stairs before 8am on Monday morning. We think we are going to paint the stairs for something a little funky and fun.

And Roh has started tiling the family bathroom. Love these HUGE tiles! The blue on the floor and wall is actually waterproofing agent - it's a really pretty colour ...he he

So that's us for the moment. Another full on weekend ahead with tiling and cornice, and maybe even installing my new kitchen sink - if we get it before then (silly woman at Abey warehouse won't release the sink to Reece, for us, because they are waiting on the glass cutting board - crazy!! It's doing our head in a bit - I just want a sink - the bathroom sink really isn't doing the
Will update again next week - hopefully with some rumpus room pics as well as tiled bathrooms..we'll see :-P

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  1. The House is looking FAB!!
    Can't wait to see the finished product!


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