Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Tiger, a Butterfly and some Tulips

Yep, today we headed to the Tulip Festival in Silvan. Rohan had promised his mum we would take her, so we did. Unfortunately we got rained out! I only got to take a few photos before the rain but here they are. Also the kids got their faces painted and the ladies did a brilliant job. Jude took his tiger face very seriously

Lana is looking so grown up now.

Fortunately for me, I'm heading back to the tulip festival on Wednesday with Dan & the kids, and some friends too. It's promising to be a fine day, and it's a 'children's day' with petting zoos, children's crafts, a fairy and a heap of other things for kids - should be a great day out for a school holiday adventure, and hopefully I'll get some more photos :-)

Will be back tomorrow with another finished layout, or possibly two!

Enjoy your Saturday evening :-)

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