Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Layout

Yep, just one layout. Sad, I know :-P Photos were taken by DQ when we went to Luna Park last year. Haven't really had much of a chance to scrap the last week. Had a fun afternoon session with Reeze, but didn't accomplish a lot. Things have been hectic this week, as I've been filling in shifts at my new job as well as doing all the other things that I have to do, and my normal shifts too.

Um, other things....let's see - the new Bam Pop stamps are in store now and are very cute. Kiti Q is handed over to the new owner on Friday...not long now. I've almost finished my scarf. Saw Clare Bowditch last Thursday night with some girlfriends, who are actually my neighbours, which is very cool, and Clare was fantastic and the night was awesome - thanks girls! We have to do that again, although I'm not sure how often I can go to bed at 1am anymore...getting old and all...lol...but loved it. I think Jacqui even got some photos of us, and Clare too...may share when I get hold of them.

Have seen details of the Heidi Swapp days happening in Melbourne & Brisbane...seriously thinking about going. I think she would be lovely to meet, and learn from. Anyone else considering it?

Ok, that's it for me today. I've got to go to work in just over an hour and the lounge is still a mess! Back to doing the domestic thing..he he..


  1. I am considering going to HS. Only if it's not too exy though. We can go together.

    BTW, pop over to my blog coz I left you an award there. :)

  2. It might be just one layout, but is an awesome one! Love it!

    I hadn't heard about the HS days, can you post about it on your blog? I am interested in going.

  3. Greay layout Kelly.

    So sad to hear that you have sold the shop however I'm sure its for a good reason. Love what you've done with the shop - the minute I saw it I loved it!!!!!!

    Hope to see you around the place.

    Luv Sandie


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