Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Birdie - Funky Recycled Clothing Boutique

My lovely friends, Prue and Anna, have opened up their own little recycled clothing boutique in Upwey. At the moment they are running it from Prue's place but it's all set up like a little shop, with a change room, and a lovely big sofa for fellow shoppers :-P.

Here's what they are about :

'Local Style Queen shares her ragtrade wares...'

Come and enjoy Prue's Boutique Clothing Range at 84 Morris Road, Upwey, Victoria
Hours : Wed - Sun 2pm-7pm or by Appointment
Ph : 0438 408 415

A Sumptuous selection of new and renewed designer garments - sizes slim to sensational.
Enjoy City Glamour at Hills prices!

And just on a personal note, I bought this fabulous Jacqui E vintage lace style top for only $14!! In perfect condition. So if you are ever out visiting in the hills, be sure to check them out...well worth it, in my opinion :-)

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