Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going on Holiday

The kids and I are heading off to SA tomorrow, to spend some long-awaited time with close friends, and of course family. I can't wait to give my nephew lots of cuddles, and my dearest friend Cass lots of cuppas and laughter, and of course catch up with my parents and my sister and the extended family. My mum has actually just been diagnosed with pneumonia, so it's good timing in a way, cos I can help her out a bit, and we can just do girly DVD's and such.

I've decided to split the trip up by staying with friends in Stawell tomorrow, which will be fantastic. I've been friends with this couple for about 15 years now - crazy how time flies :-) Rohan will be joining us in SA next Thursday, flying in and then driving home with us on Monday 6th August, so it is going to be a real LONG break for me - quite bizarre really.

Kiti Q is still up and running as per normal though - with my fabulous sister Danielle taking charge, and me still checking in on occasions.

Sorry, my brain is a bit fuzzy tonight. I didn't each much today and I think my body is giving up a bit earlier tonight than usual.

Ooops - rambling. Will head off. Take care and I look forward to catching up with everything when I get back

K xx


  1. I can't wait either, chickie! Yay!! C XX

  2. Have a great time Kelly !!! xx

  3. enjoy your time in SA kell!


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