Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chicken Pox - Help!!

Ok, well, I think Alannah has chicken pox. Yesterday she showed me a couple of spots on her tummy and I just thought they were bites, as she had no spots anywhere else. Then tonight after dinner she comes to me and says her back is itchy, so I lift up her top and I find at least 10 spots/blister like things on her back, and a few more on her tummy and a few on her face. Pretty much looks like chicken pox - well, that's my home diagnosis - with it going around at her childcare centre, the odds aren't good. So help! What should I do to help her through this? She doesn't seem too bad at the moment but more spots are probably on the way.

Looks like I'll be hanging out at home for the next week or so...


  1. Oh dear, I hope that she will be OK. Brodie has some nasty looking bites on him tonight as well and I also thought "chicken pox" fingers crossed for both of our kiddies.

  2. Oh NO. Have you or Roh have chicken pox? If not, better get yourselves vaccinated. Yung had his vaccination when Amanda & Riley got their chicken pox.

    Anyway, you'll need pine tarsol for bath. It's awefully smelly, so if Alanna screams (Amanda did), use a gentle alternative. Make an infuse of rosemary (boil 2-3 sprigs of rosemary) then mix it with the bath water. It'll help soothe the itching. If she still hates the smell, go for oatmeal bath. That's what I used for Riley because he was just a baby when he got his pox.

    You also need a cream. ost chemist knows what cream to buy. It will helps with the healing so she won't get scars. Don't pop the blister & don't scratch. She should be not contagious when all the blister dried out.

    Warn anyone who is in contact with her these past 2 weeks. They may get it too. And I think Jude will most likely get his.

    Good luck & you'll get trough this like all of us who's been there before.

  3. oh no Kelly, sorry I'm no help here, but hope she gets over it without too much hassles. Good luck girlie!

  4. Oh Dear!!! Ditto to everything Vita says. The gel to put on the scars is solugel....and there is another one as well. Both are gels and both promote healing and soothe the itch. Stay away from Calamine lotion....lots of people will tell you to put calamine lotion on the sooth the itch...but it makes the pox heal slower as it scabs over with the scarring can be worse as well. If Alanna is extremely itchy...then phenergen will help. Asides from that.....grab lots of healthy snacks, fruit for vitamin C....a stack of dvds and bunker down for a week or so at home.

  5. well, seems you have lots of the same....i found oatmeal and lavender oil baths in tepid water helped the best with my kiddes....and don't of luck, with it!!!!i had one come down with it and then the next a fortnight yup a few weeks at home, at least the weathers not to inviting to get out there....


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