Monday, April 9, 2007

A Day in the Forest

It was a beautiful day today - the sun was shining, and Roh was home, so we all went on a family BBQ at Sherbrooke Falls - such a wonderful place. We are so lucky to live so close to these amazing forests. Here are a few happy snaps from today....My cheeky little boy Jude, who has come down with a horrid cold - poor thing...then there is Reeze and Alannah - they share such a special friendship those is Rohan & Alannah, and then there is Teresa and me! Also I actually did a little creating this weekend. I finally got a chance to sit down and play with the Star Wars/Transformers layout I wanted to do for my hubby. And it just happened to also fit a cyber-crop challenge over at Scrap Therapy. It turned out how I saw it in my head, which is fab, cos not all ideas do.

I also finished my second photo swap layout for Liz, which I hopefully will share once Liz has the layout in her hands. I'm really happy with the layout I did for Liz, it was so bright and funky - hot pink & orange - just love it! :-)

Other than scrapping and family time, I've been working on Kiti Q with lots of new stock being ordered, and class kits to be designed. So keep your eyes on the site - lots will be happening in the next few weeks...

Hugs, K xx


  1. Love the pics here Klelly. Looks as though you had a great day. Your start wars page looks fab too.

  2. great pics, looks like you had a great day! love the starwars LO too! very funky!

  3. those photos are great!

    btw I ADORE the layout you did for me!!! i got it in the mail yesterday and i loved it even more than the preview u sent me!!! layouts always look better in person. :)

    thankyou so so so much :D

  4. My 5 yo saw that Star Wars layout and said "Hey Mum, you do that!!" Links to where you got stuff would be greatly (and I mean GREATLY) appreciated!!

  5. HI Kelly, you guys look so happy. Glad you had some "family" time. Can't wait to get my layout - loved the sneak peek and I am sure it will look great. Can you believe I still haven't sent you mine DOH! Will go to the post office tomorrow and send it. Love that Star Wars layout - not showing my 2 kids (DH & Zane LOL) or they would want one too.


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