Sunday, October 22, 2006

On a Scrapbooking High

I had such a fantastic day at the Dylan Hartung Scrapbooking Fundraiser Day. Not only did I get two pages finished but I got to meet my online friend Charmane, in real life! Here is a pic of us.. Danielle and I felt a little bizarre being able to scrap without interruption but it was great and very productive. The fundraiser was a success and Jody did an amazing job in raising over $10,000 for the Hartung family.
My scrapbooking high did not end there though :-). When I got home and checked my inbox, there was an exciting email from Julia at For Keeps - they want my "little miss fashion diva" page for their monthly article feature called "Inspired by" - yay! How exciting!! So this week I will have to post off Alannah's hat and my page to Sydney...I don't know what Lana will think of that.
So all in all, a really wonderful day.

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