Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rippling along..

It's been a good week in crochet.

My ripple blanket is 5 rows in, and I now feel confident in the pattern, and happy with the results.

Looking at my colour choices though, I felt something was missing - a colour that would make the blanket pop - so I've added one more in...

Chartreuse green! I was looking at apple green but loved the chartreuse mixed with the teals and blues.

I also think I've decided on my pattern, or order of colours/rows.

I'm going with :
4 rows - 1st colour
3 rows - 2nd colour
2 rows - 3rd colour
1 row - 4th colour
4 rows - 5th colour
3 rows - 1st colour
and so on...

What project have you got going on?


  1. This is looking gorgeous & I love that you added in an extra green. I can't wait to see a little bit more next week :)

  2. I'm rippling along too! I love the addition of the green! Nice choice. :)

  3. Good choice with the green. I am looking forward to watching it evolve.

  4. Great color choices! It looks really nice already :)
    I'm still at my panda project, got the arms and the tail ready besides the head that you already saw.
    Have a great week, Kelly!


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