Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making of a Watermelon Monster

So, it's been a busy few weeks here at Polkadot Lane, as I'm sure it has for everyone.
End of year parties & outings, gifts and costumes to make and holiday plans to fulfill.

But now, even though it's school holidays, things seem to be a bit more relaxed. So I'm hoping I'll be back here a little more often with makings and such things.

First up, I'd thought I'd share the making of the 'Watermelon Monster' which I made for Jude's class party. I'd seen a few of these on Pinterest (oh how I love thee!) and decided to have a go at my own version.

Start up by buying a whole watermelon from the supermarket, and slicing off one end to give you a flat base. Hollow the melon out and stand up on your tray.Draw on your monster's mouth/teeth.

Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut the mouth out.

Then using toothpicks and various other fruits, create your monster's face and hair/head.
(I used sliced lemon and sultanas for the eyes, a strawberry for the nose, and some of the sliced off watermelon base as its hair spikes)

Fill with diced fruit, both in his mouth and on the tray.

And ta da! You will have yourself a watermelon monster, which all the kids will love :-)



  1. I just LOVE Mr Watermelon Monster!!! Such a great idea! Love him! :)

  2. very cool! if i have a pool party for kids again next summer i will have to make one!

  3. That's brilliant! I think even my teenagers would appreciate a monster like that. :)


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