Monday, October 8, 2012

Oops! Too big, too big..

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I cut this dress out. It was meant for Alannah who is 9, but wears a girls size 12 (she's a tall one!) but I cut this out in a girls size 14.....oops!

I thought it may have been ok, but as soon as she tried it on - nope - just not going to work. Length was good, but sleeves/bodice/armholes are just too big.

Oh least she has a nice summer dress for next year now...he and learn.

 Now onto making her one that fits!

Made from Simplicity pattern #1895



  1. Such a gorgeous... dress love that fabric! She could play dress ups in it for the next year :)

  2. Lovely fabric, what a shame there is nothing you can do this year. I hope she'll wear it next year.

  3. Gorgeous dress Kel, least you didnt do what I did on Miss M's last dress, woops! & made it a little short. ;-)

  4. hey, at least you didn't make it too small so nothing's lost! good for her, now she gets another one, heehee ;) the fabric is beautiful!

  5. Sweet pattern and I love the fabric too Kelly! Saves you making another next year : )


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