Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Fix - High Round Neck to V Neck

I love my David Bowie tee...even though it's white (not a colour I wear often!) and has a high neck.

Now, I can't do much about the colour, and I wouldn't even try as it would destroy the design BUT I can fix that neckline to one that works for me.

Here's what I did...

Folded and flattened it, then pinned it where I wanted to cut, so the fabric wouldn't move around too much...

Cut it..

Pinned the neckline hem/edge thingy...

Then ran it under the sewing machine...

And ta-da..a v neck tee that I feel comfy in, with a design that I love.

Joining in with the creative people over here, this week.



  1. Looking great! It's amazing what a simple change can really updates the look.

  2. OOH I love your David Bowie Tshirt too!

  3. Very nice! I have a couple of high neck tees that I love that I don't wear anymore because they are too strangling so I think they need this treatment too.


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