Friday, August 17, 2012

Somers Winter Market - tomorrow!

So tomorrow, myself and the girls from Curious Bazaar will be at the fantastic annual..

And for this market, a few new items will be available such as...

A small selection of very funky pants - both for boys and girls...

And hopefully a few screen printed Ipad sleeve type thingys and maybe a crochet hat or two...

As well as these patchwork embellished tote bags...

And for a bit more enticement, Polkadot Lane and Sew Chirpy will be having a big sale on some summer stock...there will be bargains to be had!

So, here are the details :

Somers Winter Market
Coolart Wetlands & Homestead
Lord Somers Road, Somers
10am - 3pm

Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. Wish I could go but alas I am in Sydney! Hope it all goes well :)

  2. how was it?

    the tote bags are really cute. i seem to never get enough of them, i've got so many i'll never be able to use them all but keep getting more! :)


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