Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grateful for : Quiet times with the kids and...


It's been a week since I popped in here.

School holidays are keeping me busy but it's always nice to reflect on the week for things to be grateful for, of which there is always plenty, so here goes with this weeks...

* Quiet time with my kids - this week's been really nice. We've had time together just reading our various novels (while Levi sleeps) and time painting together. It's been really lovely. (but there have definitely been completely crazy, noisy times too, just fyi)

* it! I love snapping bits of our day on my phone and am hoping that Mum & Dad join up soon, which will make it just perfect for sharing our daily life snippets with them, as they live interstate. (I'm 'polkadotlane' if you feel like meeting up on there)

* Good friends/family who offer to take my kids so that I can get to the gym during school holidays - you guys are the best!

* The itch to sew's been missing the past few weeks, but last night I felt the niggle to make something again...thank goodness too, as we have a market stall in about 6 weeks :-P

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  1. Looks like you are having a great school holidays... love quiet times too :)

  2. Love that embroidery! So pretty :)

  3. My favourite thing about school hols was always never having to think about what to put in a school lunch for the kids. Now I love that all the regular during the week stuff just takes a break and I feel like I'm having a holiday.

  4. How cute - the family who Instagrams together! x


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