Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pin It! Make It! Challenge 2012

Okay, so for all those Pinterest-addicted people, like myself, who love to pin, but don't necessarily do much with said pins - this challenge is for you!

I challenge you (and me) to take those inspiring pins, those cooking pins, those art pins, those pattern pins, those home decor pins, those paper craft pins, those lovely quote pins and all those other fantabulous pins and use them, bake them, make them and be inspired and productive with them, and then..

Come share them with me and other Pinterest fans challenging themselves!

Yes, you say?

I will be hosting a lovely blog link up here on Polkadot Lane, every two weeks, on Fridays, starting on the 20th January, where we can share what pin we're inspired by, how we're using it, and what we are making and whatever else we'd like to say too, of course.

I can't wait!

So, are you in?



  1. Yes, yes and I think I can!
    Woo Hoo.
    Carnt wait Kell, x

  2. I will definitely try to join in from time to time, Kelly. I get stuck on the 'make it' bit! But the inspirational bit I'm all over. x

  3. Great idea! It might be just the motivation I need to actually "do" something with my Pins.

  4. Ooohh a fantastic idea! I'll join in too :)

  5. What a great idea! Missed the first (but hopefully I'll be in action for the next one...)


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