Monday, November 28, 2011

Curious Bazaar - now live!

My super busy sister Danielle, has launched a fabulous online store called 'Curious Bazaar', stocking handmade goodies from a few local brands, including Polkadot Lane.
Here's how Dan describes the store :
" Curious Bazaar was launched on 28th November 2011 as a result of long chats with friends about craftiness and market stalls. We thought it would be great if customers could go to one single online space to browse a wide variety of things we make, from our various brands, and have them combined in one parcel for a single delivery price.
In this, we present you with a unique niche market of whimsical, creative and handmade, arising mainly from the Dandenong Ranges area east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Shopping at Curious Bazaar is part of supporting handmade, supporting local artists and craftspeople, people who make things because they love to and want to share those products with you. Poppytalk share a fab list of 101 reasons to buy handmade if you need any more inspiration! Speaking for myself and the women behind the brands stocked here, we're proud and excited to be part of the handmade landscape!
Danielle Q,"

And with such a great concept, I was absolutely ecstatic to be asked to be part of it, alongside Danielle, of course, but also The Kooky Green Owl, Sew Chirpy and Medieval Mirage.

And as we are very new, we would love your help to grow.
Share the 'Curious Bazaar' store, or one of your favourite items from the store, on your facebook wall or personal blog and Danielle will send you an exclusive discount code! Don't forget to let her know that you've shared (either via our facebook page or via messages).

Thanks for all your support!!

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