Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alannah's New 'Do

A couple of weeks ago, Alannah said she wanted her hair cut shorter. So we gave her a couple of weeks to think about it, and yet she still wanted shorter hair. So Dan and I booked both the girls into the hairdresser's for their cuts - thinking it would be fun for them to see each other get their hair done.

Here's Lana's before shot :

And afterwards...

I think it looks really sweet and cute. She loved it at the hairdressers, but just a moment ago, had a little freak out about the length, but she told the hairdresser how short she wanted it. I'm sure once we buy her some super adorable hair clips, she'll be fine :-)
This is the shortest she has ever had her hair cut, since being a bubby, so a completely new look for my nearly Year 1 girl. She looks beautiful.

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  1. oh, she looks so cute and grown-up. how cool of her to stick with it for weeks, so you knew she really wanted it :))


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