Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stitching & Knitting

At the moment, it's all about stitching - knitting, crochet, sewing...I've been finding lots of inspiring fabrics and wool and patterns and am just itching to start making stuff.

Here is my very first ever, complete crocheted granny square, which I finished last night, and I'm already half way through my second. I'll think I'll make it up into a blanket for our new lounge area (and yes, I am still knitting the other throw's taking forever but I'm over half way there - yay!)
When my parents and Nan were visiting, we (Mum, Nan, Danielle, Kate, her Mum and her MIL) all went to the Craft & Quilt Show in the city. Lots of fantastic handmade items were seen and lots of ideas and 'want to learn' skills resulted for me (thus, the

Below is my loot from the day. My gorg sis Danielle bought me the 'Kaleidoscope' book which I had been wanting since the day it was released. The other items I bought from the Kelani stand (as well as an Aunty Cookie Eye Chart Screen Print Cushion Front). I am in love with this Amy Butler August Fields fabric - I plan to make the flower cushion from the Amy Butler pattern. But first I'm going to try it out on some more disposable fabric :-P

And here are my purchases from this past week, and from the outing Dan and I took to the Amitie Fabric shop in Bentleigh - they had 50% off Amy Butler fabrics which was just fabulous - how could I resist?...he he

Unfortunately, I'm not in the situation to be able to sew at the moment, so for now, I'm just making some sewing plans in my head, and knitting and crocheting instead. Only a few more months and the house will be ready for me to pull out the sewing machine - yay again!

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  1. hi kelly
    congrats on your 1st granny- its all ive been doing this winter. I think you and Dan are following me around- i did the magnolia square/amitie thing on thursday (was disappointed i was there 1 day before their sale :P )
    love seeing the progress of the house


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