Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Settling on Bathroom Fittings

So we're nearing the stage where the bathroom is going to be installed, tiled, etc. And it's time to finalise decisions on fittings.

Here is one major thing that I had my heart set on - a free-standing bath - and I got it. It's a New Reece Mizu Square-edged free-standing bath that I won off ebay for a bargain prize -more than 50% off of the retail price - which makes me and Roh very happy :-). Always got to love a bargain!

The other thing is our toilet suite - we've gone with the Reece Tonic design - all the s-bend is encased all the way to the wall, which makes for easier cleaning - yay! That was another one of my 'must-haves' - s-bends just frustrate me to pieces.
So anyway, I'm sure you just love that I'm sharing every detail of our reno with you...hmm...maybe pushing it a bit with the toilet share...lol...Will be back with some more reno photos soon, and maybe even some scrapping.
Next post is my 300th post..so will have to make it about something exciting ;-)

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  1. Woow - I can see you have long hot bubble baths in that bath. Very funky and very you.


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