Monday, June 22, 2009

House Update - Nearly there

So, we're just up to re-cladding the exterior of the only two remaining original rooms, which will be the laundry and our bedroom. The laundry got the do-over on the weekend, including removal of the existing window, and installation of the new one.

The inside of our current bathroom, with the window removed..

The current look of our bathroom/laundry with the new window in. Different..hey? lol

And the wall pretty much finished except for some filling and painting.

Our bedroom has been partially re-clad, the eaves are being finished off tonight, and the electrical rough-in is taking place this week too. Always something to get done around here, at the moment.


  1. Hi Kelly! Just thought I'd stop by, check out your blog and introduce myself. I am really looking forward to "working" with you and the other girls at Scrapability. I'll pop a link to your blog on mine. Take care!
    Cheers, Sue.

  2. Hi there Kelly, Seems I'm following our Scrapability Sister around saying hi to everyone :) Your home pics look amazing! where abouts are you ? it looks nice. Looking forward to seeing your layouts and what you come up with over at Scrapability,

  3. Hi Kell,
    The house is looking fantastic, i have been following the renos with interest.. it can be such a long wait huh?? Cant wait to see the end result..
    Take Care
    Bec X


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