Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ta Da.....Walls!

Well, 2 walls almost finished that is. But for us, two walls is fantastic!

Here's our front wall, with the kitchen bi-fold window. Love this window! Although now we think we will round the corners a little on the large sill, as Roh's dad whacked his head a beauty on one of the corners (thus the foam taped to the corners) and had to have 9 stitches put in. Not a great start to the day, but he's fine. And the sill is head height for kids, so not so safe.

Same front wall with weatherboards on, except for the top one as the electrical wiring has to be relocated before the weatherboard can be put up. The weatherboards have one coat of paint on it - I'm really liking our colour choice.

Roh working on the left hand side wall. We decided to do the gables in colourbond, in the matching colour of the weatherboards - for easier maintenance.

This is the same wall as above, the left hand side, but a view from the back corner of the house. Here you can see the dramatic difference between the old and the new.

I think the aim is to have the weatherboards and windows all up and in by the end of the Queen's Birthday long weekend which is only a couple of weeks away - yay!


  1. Its looking awesome Kel!! and so new!! should be fantastic once its all finished - tell Roh keep up the good work, my room will be finished in no time!!! lol xx

  2. This looks great Kelly! Bet you can't wait for the decorating bit to start... Hope all is well! Take care, hugs, Sylvia


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