Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Framing

So March was the month of flooring and framing for Roh.
Roh jack-hammered up the original kitchen floor, and then I (with a little help from Dan and Roh) lugged it from the house to the skip bin, over a couple of day. Then it was up to Roh to put in some new stumps and bearers. Poor Roh - the weekend he had to get it done, it poured with rain, so he was out there getting drenched and muddy as he dug and poured concrete stumps in. No photos of this stage unfortunately but I think that's a good reason why :-P
Next the floor of the living area was pulled up...

And new bearers were laid..

The new floor went down and the framing began...

The framing went up quite quickly...

Then it was time to put on the roof trusses and piece together the puzzle that is 'roof trusses'. Roh had quite a few helpers with this which was great, as they were so big and awkward to get up.

Roof trusses all on, and now we were ready for a roof - yay!

So, we had to set down some definite colours for the roof and fascia. We've gone with Colourbond "Dune" for the fascia and the weatherboards....

And Colourbond "Ironstone" for the roof...

We've also finally picked out a colour for the window & door frames which is a much paler version of 'Dune' called "Foam Frost". I can't wait to see the windows go in, and the weatherboards go up. Windows are just over a week away - yay!!
So, what else has been going on...
I've currently got a horrid cold - it's just yuck and it's the first cold I have had in absolutely ages. Fortunately it's the weekend, so I don't have to do too much running around - just the usual washing, caring for kids, etc.
Alannah has been having swimming lessons with school this past week. She has one more week of lessons to go, and she is loving it. I've been trying to go and help when I can, and it's amazing how her confidence is growing in the water.
Alannah did her first show and tell at school this week which was a huge milestone for us. Lana is very shy in groups, and hates being centre of attention, so this week when we got the notice home about her show and tell time, Roh and I had to really build her up and get her excited about it, and yay - it worked! And what did she take?? Her High School Musical
Yesterday Roh and I went and picked up a little portable electic stove top (thanks Dad!) which will be my cooking element for the next few months until our kitchen is put in. It's very cute! We also picked up a Yoghurt Maker Machine as it was half price and Roh has been talking about making his own yoghurt for quite a while. So I suppose we'll try that out once we have a kitchen..he he.
My big knitting project has begun. I've done about 50 rows of 254 stitches per row and I've got hundreds of rows to go but I'm happy with it so far. It's a throw rug and it's in this gorgeous autumny orange colour. Will share a photo when I've got more done.
Umm, that's about it I think. Still have some photos from SA to share and maybe a layout I've nearly finished too. Will be back.


  1. Hey Kelly, looks very exciting over there, I bet you're really looking forward to do all the girly decorating bits at last! Hugs to you all, Sylvia

  2. Hi Kelly, its looking fantastic. Rohan is doing a great job, you must be so proud.I cant belive how much work is going into it, I thought you were just adding on but you are having to remove and replace all the old along the way, a BIG job. Mel

  3. I am so excited for you Kelly! Its a lot of hard work but won't it be awesome to have so much room at last! I love the roofing colours - I LOVE greys, they look classy.


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