Friday, March 13, 2009

Jude's Little Hospital Visit

So Jude finally got on the surgery list to have his little hernia repaired. On Wednesday 11th March, we headed to the hospital just after midday. Poor little thing was starving, as he was not allowed to eat from 7.30am, and that is just torture for Jude who is a constant snacker. And yes, I am the mad mum who took her camera along to the hospital....

Here Jude is just after the nurse had applied anaesthetic cream to his hands, just in case they put in a bunt (which they did in one hand).

Here Roh and Jude are colouring in, waiting patiently for Jude's turn..

Jude and Roh snuggling...Roh was hoping for a nanna nap, and the hospital bed was just it made sense

Here little Jude is still asleep after his general anaesthetic. He really didn't want to wake up. It was very cute, but he looked so tiny on the big hospital bed.

And lastly, here he is awake, showing me his sore tummy. Looks a bit yuck here but he had the wound re-dressed today, and all is healing well.

Ok, so that was Jude's hospital adventure this week. It's been a struggle trying to keep him reasonably quiet but he got new lego, which helped for about an

But all is good. Jude is well, not in pain and his scar will be tiny. A fantastic outcome, all in all!

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