Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok, so I didn't win :-(

And I am a bit disappointed, but who wouldn't be. And it doesn't mean that I am not absolutely thrilled for Chloe who did win the 2008 'So You Think You Can Scrap' Australia's Favourite Scrapper title - woo hoo - enjoy the slice chickie! It was a great comp and I got a whole heap of new layouts finished because of it, so it's all good really :-)

Onto a bit of good news, I have had two layouts picked up by Scrapbooking Memories today - my double layout grand final entry, and another layout of Rohan which hasn't even hit the blog yet - so that's cool - I'm happy about that.

Other news - Alannah has been allocated her first school class, which we found out about last night, while we went to the prep info session. She also got to pick her library bag and chair bag, so that's another couple of things off of the 'school to get' list, which is great.

Last week, Alannah's kinder had the AGM, which as I'm president, I had to run. In usual Kelly-style, I put my big foot in it when explaining about the responsibilites & legal liabilities that go along with being president of a kinder, and then surprise, wanted to take the job eventually two mums offered to share the role, so all is good. I hand all the stuff over to them tonight, and then I'll be free - woo hoo!!!

My sister DQ has posted an absolutely awesome photo of Ash, her son, on her blog, so go check it out if you're curious - I think it's just fantastic!

I have finished another layout off, of my other sister Hayley but I haven't sorted the image out yet, so I may be back later with that.

I'll just leave you with an image of my latest project - this is a cross-stitch that I picked up on ebay - so retro and funky - I love it!! (seller : Can't wait to get started on it, even though it's quite big and will take forever, but I've been feeling in the mood for some stitching lately, so this will fill that need....hehe


  1. never mind! Your layouts were absolutely gorgeous!! I loooved that barbie layout especially.

    Wow, that cross stitch really is a funky one!

  2. Congrats on making runner up!!
    Your work rocks chook.. votes must have been close.


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