Monday, October 27, 2008

Oops - 3 weeks!

Didn't realise it had been 3 weeks since a post - oops!

Lots of things have been happening my end. Here's a quick summary :

* My parents, sister and nephew have all been over to Melbourne to visit so we've had a trip to the Zoo, and to the beach, shopping, fishing, picnics and all sorts, so I should have some photos to post once I get a chance to look on my camera (and Dan's :-P). Lots of fun!

* Alannah has started her school orientation visits for next year, so she's starting to get excited. I've managed to buy half of her school uniform requirements, just have to pick up a few logo-d tees and a jacket. I can't believe my baby girl is going to school next year - although she is definitely ready for that next step!

* I clocked over to the big 3-0 - aarrgghh!! hehe...I'm actually quite okay with it, but it's just a momentous thing to click over into a new decade of life :-P

* I've made it through to Round 8 of the Scraptacular Comp - SYTYCS - which is very exciting. I will find out on Wednesday if I have made it through to the next round or not. From here on in, anything is way more than where I expected to get - the competition is just so tough! Here is my round 7 and round 8 entries :

* I'm suppose to be teaching at the Papercrafts Festival this weekend, in Sydney. A weekend away from the family - bizarre :-P Just waiting on flight confirmations from the team in Sydney. Hmmm..I wonder what Sydney's weather will be like...Looking forward to meeting so many people there.

* Nothing has really happened with the house, although I must say that I am loving my spring garden - snapdragons, french lavender (I think it's french :-P), orange mexican blossoms and pansies - all so pretty and fresh and lovely. Here's a little pic :

And here's just a photo that I like of Alannah with the daisy chain garland in her hair, that she made with her grandma. What a cutie!

Ok, I think I'm off to bed now. I'm reading a great book at the moment by Liane Moriarty, so can't wait to get back into it - am half-way through. Have a fab week!



  1. hi Kelly
    HAPPY 30TH!! have a fab weekend in sydney this weekend

  2. Italian lavender, that one, I believe (the french is the one you see dried - without the top twisty bits). LOVE that photo of Lana, what a cute face!

  3. Glad you're enjoying spring, Kelly. Love that layout of you and Bodie, so cute!

  4. Love the layouts - the tiger one is so colourful with that cosmo cricket paper! And the bodie one has a touch of Qtea kit! turning 30 is OK, its turning 40 that is really hard!

  5. Hi Kelly
    Just thought I'd drop by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY & a huge congrats on making it to Round 9 @ SYTYCS - I've been loving your layouts so far & looking forward to more :)

  6. Congratulations on getting through at Scraptac. I have loved everything you have done for the competition. Great work. I am sure Lana is going to love every minute of "school" time she is so ready for it. I am sure there will be tears on the first day (from Mummy). Oh BTW I loved my 30's best time of my life. 40 well thats scaring me like anything. So I will just hang out here at 39 for a bit longer :). Good luck with the next round. Promise to catch up when I come back from QLD.

  7. Hiya Kelly
    Big congrats on making it to round 10, your work has been fantastic chicky, love love love everything you do.... the finish line is very near
    for you I feel... good luck this week
    can not wait to see your creations


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