Sunday, May 25, 2008

Launceston Love

Wow - what a weekend! Roh and I got back from Launceston this afternoon, after four fabulous days there. Lots of eating (the food in Tassie is divine!), hanging out with long-time buddies Dani and Nick, shopping and sight-seeing. Launceston is a beautiful place and we are already hoping to plan another trip back, with the kids, in the warmer months. Here's a quick photo share...

This is where we stayed - Trevallyn House Cottage in Riverside - only 5 minutes outside of Launceston. It is a fully self-contained cottage, all recently renovated and just fantastic. And the owners, Janie and Brett, are so lovely and make THE YUMMIEST breakfasts! And the cottage can actually sleep 4, so we've got it on our 'must come back' list...really wonderful! Oh, and the view from our front step - stunning!

Here's a quick snapshot of the picturesque "Ninth Island" vineyard and view from there. We had lunch at the restaurant here, where the acclaimed chef Daniel Alps cooks, and again, SO YUMMY!

Here is one of my oldest and dearest friends, Dani, and me. I'm just loving hats this winter!

My darling Roh and me - self-taken piccie. We just celebrated ten years together - just crazy - can't believe a decade has gone by so quickly.

And here is the view from the First Basin at the Cataract Gorge. Such a beautiful place. I find it really hard to do it justice via photos, but it is just gorgeous. And there are peacocks just wandering around - very cool!

And lastly...sorry...I know I'm gushing a bit about Launceston but I just LOVE Tassie so much....this is the view from Brady's Lookout. This is the Tamar River & Valley - beautiful!

As you can see, I LOVED it! I did miss the kids, and must admit we kept going places and doing the whole "the kids would love this" thing quite often, but it was just priceless having some quality time with Roh, especially as life is just so busy that it feels like we quite often miss each other in our everyday.

Anyway, that is a quick wrap up of my weekend. I just noticed when logging into here, that this is my 200th post, so I think that is worth a giveaway. Will come back tomorrow with something to offer.

Night xx


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time away! Yes I agree, as much as we might miss our kids, it's important to have special times with our lovely DH's once in a while.
    Oh and I love your hat!!! I have a winter hat, might have to pull that one out this week sometime!
    Dannii xx

  2. I'm very happy for you that you and Rohan had such a lovely time. I love the photo of you and your friend, I hope you scrap that one! The vineyard made me very thirsty for a lovely glass of Tassie Wine and it is only 11:30 am!


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