Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alannah's Kindy Photos

Here you go Hayley :-P

Actually there is a bit of a story that go with Alannah's kindy photos - her actual photos taken by the professional kindy photographer went missing...actually the photographer had no recollection of them at all...very strange, because she was definitely at kindy on that day. Anyway, after quite a few weeks of chasing the photographer with no luck, one of the Dad's offered to take the photos, and these are his. So thanks Adam! And what was even cooler, was that I got them on disk...very handy!

Also you might notice that her pigtails are very uneven...not my fault. In the first few photos her pigtails are even, but one must have fallen out, and was put back in, in a very odd spot..LOL..oh well :-) Still cute to me.

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