Monday, September 3, 2007

Just Stuff

Ok, first up is this layout that I finished on Saturday. I've been struggling with this layout for the past month....I just don't do pastels normally, and it was hard to get my head around using them, but because I really wanted to, and they went so well with the photos, I persevered. I'm not in love with the page, but I'm satisfied with it :-P. It uses MME Tres Jolie papers as well as Basic Grey Infuse Die-cuts.

Danielle is back home now - yay! ...I always miss her so much when she or I go away, and yesterday afternoon we just hung out for a couple of hours, while I ran errands at the shops, so that was cool. Always so much to catch up on :-)

Ok ***warning*** toilet training talk ahead ;-)
My little boy Jude has decided that he wants to use the toilet. Now Jude just turned two in June, so I wasn't planning on toilet training him until summer, and I've been told that boys can be a bit slower at all this, so I wasn't really thinking about it at all, right now. But, I can't really discourage him, and really, if I can save money on nappies - woo hoo! he he. At the moment it is still sporadic, but yesterday he did No 2's on the toilet, so I figure I should really be going with it. (I got so excited, I went and woke my hubby up to tell him....the things that get parents happy LOL). Yesterday afternoon I went and bought him a few pairs of little boxers - so cute. So I think, that when we are home, I might trial out the boxers and see how he goes. Wish me luck!

Not a lot planned for the week, which makes me happy. Hmmm, I feel like doing a give-away so keep your eyes out this week for a RAK :-)


  1. I'm a first time visitor to your blog, Kelly! Well done to Jude on the TT. I'm in the process of dealing with it myself - except my little monkey is I figure I had best do something about it!! I really don't think we're up to #2's yet, so Jude is doing fantastically! The only thing I worry about is that Sam spotted a real whipper snipper in Harvey Norman that is a good size for him, and he wants that if he goes a whole day with no accidents!! DOH!

  2. Kelly, what a fab layout. I think it is absolutely perfect and definately a page to submit to the mags!!!! Well done to Jude on TT as well!!

  3. Wow thats excellent Jude!! Does he get excited about it too?? haha Lotsa Luvs


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